Friday, March 29, 2013

Set up a Pre Engineered Building in an efficient manner !

Pre Engineered Building
With the increase in demand for cost-effective architectural solutions, firms that engage in modular construction, are gaining grounds in the country. A pre engineered building, built by stacking fabricated modules one above the other, using cranes, is now becoming preferred among the masses, over a normal building constructed using the conventional method.
A reputed company that engages in the construction of prefabricated buildings, use state-of-the-art machinery and design the structures in accordance with the latest technology. This ensures that the modules are etched to perfection and its dimensions are accurate.

The modules used for construction of a pre engineered building, are manufactured in a factory that maintains controlled temperature and humidity levels. Unlike the conventional method of construction, this feature ensures that the progress of construction is not affected by external climatic conditions like rain or heat. Lack or absence of labour also doesn't hamper the construction work as most of the same is carried out by advanced machinery, Buildings can be fabricated in a very short span of time, with the help of a good contractor who is skilled in providing modular solutions.

Since the sections can be dismantled after use and recycled after use, this method of development is preferred by all those who wish to build durable and eco-friendly structures, in a cost-effective manner.

Modular construction services are extended to residential, commercial and industrial sectors, by a good firm. In addition to residencies, the expert architects and technicians at such firms help in the set up of factories, ware houses, cold storage spaces, fuel stations and multi-story structures, in an efficient manner. Metal roof cladding services, in addition to supply and installation of accessories, are also offered by these companies.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Metal roof cladding services now available at affordable rates!

Mezzanine floor manufacturers
With the introduction of modular construction, prefabricated structures are fast replacing structures that are built on-site using the conventional method of construction. Companies that provide modular solutions were previously serving only the residential sector. But today, most of such companies also provide services to the commercial and industrial sectors. They engage in metal roof cladding and installation of accessories in the structures built by them.

Modular structures are set up by joining manufactured modules, one above the other, with the help of a crane. Since the modules are built using state-of-the-art machinery and technology, they are durable and sturdy, and have accurate dimensions. By joining modules or stacking them, buildings with a height of about 4 storeys can be built, in an easy and cost-effective manner.

The levels between two stories of a multi-storey building needs to be designed and constructed in an efficient manner, as the same not only adds to the appeal of the structure, but also help in keeping the framework of the structure, intact. With the help of reputed mezzanine floor manufacturers, the levels can be designed and constructed in an efficient manner.

Companies that provide services like metal roof cladding and flooring, also engage in the construction of warehouses and cold storages. Industrial buildings, fuel station canopies, factories , aircraft hangars and large retail outlets can also be set up with the help of such companies. In addition to construction, the expert technicians at these companies also undertake services like electrification and plumbing.

Modular structures can be dismantled after use and the modules used for its construction can be used to construct new structures, after recycling. This feature offers a sustainable option of development and makes the method eco-friendly in nature, and preferred among the masses.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Avail metal roof cladding services at affordable rates !

Prefabricated structures are becoming common in the country, with the advancement in technology. This method of modular construction is fast replacing the conventional method of building structures on-site as it proves to be comparatively less costly and is time efficient. Companies that were previously offering just construction of structures, are now providing services like metal roof cladding too, to add value to their services and attract consumers.

Rise in the cost of raw materials like cement and bricks, is one of the many reasons why people now tend to opt for modular structures, over the normal buildings. In addition to modular residential spaces, prefabricated commercial and industrial buildings can also be set up with the help of renowned real estate companies that are gaining grounds in the country.

During construction of multi-story buildings, mezzanine floor manufacturers can be consulted for planning the design of the levels between two stories. Mezzanines add to the appeal of the whole structure and hence needs to be designed accordingly.

In addition to the construction of multi-storey residential and commercial spaces, renowned companies that offer steel building solutions also provide manufacture and set up of industrial buildings, warehouses and cold storages, aircraft hangars, fuel station canopies and large retail outlets. Metal roof cladding and installation of all other necessary accessories are also done by them, at affordable rates.

Prefabricated structures can be dismantled after use, which can be then transported from one place to another, to set up similar structures there. This proves beneficiary for industrialists and others who are forced to migrate from one place to another, in accordance with work or due to personal matters. Setting up of new factories, manufacturing units and residencies through the conventional method proves to be extremely costly and time consuming. In such cases, modular construction can be adopted for an efficient and affordable setting up of structures.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Advantages provided by a pre engineered building

The need for more efficient use of resources and modern technology has led to innovative methods of building in the field of construction. One amongst these methods is to prepare a pre engineered building . Traditionally bricks, mortar, cement and other materials were brought to the site for construction. Now, all the material can be added together in the factory premises itself, in order to create the finished building. This modern process helps in exercising quality control and raw materials can also be purchased at wholesale value by vendors. Customers do not have to pursue the chain of raw material vendors for bargaining.

For a pre engineered building, structures are manufactured at a remote site and then transported to location, where individual parts can be assembled. Any space inconveniences are ruled out this way at the desired site. For storage purpose, garage buildings can be created which act as sheds. Buildings can also be used for various industrial purposes. Compared to traditional buildings, one of the advantages of modern methods is that construction is more durable. It is also stronger and requires lesser maintenance. Time taken is much lesser as against traditional buildings.

The deck section of buildings is created by mezzanine floor manufacturers. Dry construction of truss and columns takes place at a greater speed than traditional buildings. Strength and aesthetic value is also higher in comparison. Community halls, garages, bakeries, aircraft hangars and other areas can be created by mezzanine floor manufacturers.

Floors created by Mezzanine floor manufacturers help in meeting low space requirements. These floors are added between the main floors of the overall building. Materials used for construction are stainless steel, structural steel and cold rolled steel. Such floors are now increasingly in demand all over the world.